Simple. Fast. Time saving. Not the words you usually associate with filing taxes or getting a business license.
Available in Bellevue, Des Moines, Everett, Kent, Lake Forest Park, Renton, Seattle, Shoreline, Snoqualmie, & Tacoma. Additional cities coming soon at
Your business is local, why not FileLocal? Your one stop for local business licensing and tax filing in multiple cities.


Here are just a few of the features that FileLocal will
make available to your business:

One website for local business licenses

Eliminate the hassle of paper and legwork. FileLocal lets you apply for, or renew, a city business license for any participating city in one convenient place online.

Easy tax filing and payment

If you operate a business in multiple cities, FileLocal will calculate the taxes you owe by city. You then make one payment and FileLocal does
the rest—disbursing the correct amount to each city. Even more, when a city offers special tax incentives, FileLocal will automatically compute the changes so that eligible businesses save money.

Enhanced customer service

FileLocal offers more ways to get your questions answered, including a toll-free number and the ability to search a rich database provided by each participating city.

Less work for you

Avoid entering the same information multiple times or keeping track of multiple ID numbers. When you register, FileLocal will collect your business’s basic information and automatically fill it in each time you come back to pay local taxes or get a business license from another participating city.

Less time and expense for your business

Spend less time and money applying for a city license and filing local tax returns.



Stay informed and find out when we are ready to launch new cities.

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